• Ortho Dicrtionary

  • Orthodontic Dictionary

    Arch wire:                   Metal wire that acts as a track to guide teeth as they move during treatment

    Band:                          Metal ring that is cemented to the tooth in order to attach the bracket

    Banding:                     Process of fitting and cementing orthodontic bands to teeth

    Bond:                          Seal created by specialized cement

    Bonding:                     Process of attaching brackets to teeth using specialized cement

    Bracket:                       Metal (or ceramic) piece that holds the arch wire in place

    Cephalometic X-ray:   X-ray that shows the relative positions and growth of the face, jaws, and teeth

    Coil Spring:                 Spring that fits between brackets and over arch wire to open/close space between teeth

    Debanding:                 Process of removing cemented orthodontic bands from teeth

    Debonding:                 Process of removing cemented orthodontic brackets from teeth

    Elastic:                   Small rubber band is hooked between different points to provide pressure to move teeth into a new position.

    Elastic Tie:                  Tiny colored rubber band that fits around bracket to hold the arch wire in place

    Facebow:                     Wire apparatus that gently guides the growth of the jaw by moving teeth into proper position

    Forsus Spring:             Appliance reduces an overbite by bringing the lower jaw forward & moving the upper molars backward

    Headgear:                    Appliance that uses a facebow to treat overbites or underbites

    Headgear Tube:           Round, hollow attachment on back bands that inner bow of headgear fits into it

    Hook:                          Welded or removable arm to which elastics are attached

    Impression:                  Model of teeth that is created by biting into a soft material that hardens into a rigid mold

    Invisalign®:                Alternative to traditional braces that straightens teeth with a series of clear custom-molded aligners

    Ligation:                      Process of attaching an arch wire to the brackets on teeth

    Ligature:                      Thin wire that holds arch wire into bracket

    Lip Bumper:                Arch wire attached to a molded piece of plastic that holds the molars on the lower jaw to provide space

    Mouth guard:              Device that protects the mouth from injuries that might occur during athletic participation

    Palatal Expander:        Device that expands the upper jaw by putting gentle pressure on the molars during an adjustment.

    Panoramic X-ray:        Rotating X-ray that depicts teeth, jaw, and other facial areas

    Positioner:                   Appliance used to complete the final tooth movements during treatment

    Retainer:                      Removable or fixed appliance that is designed to hold the teeth in their corrected position

    Separator:                    Small rubber ring that creates space between teeth before the bands are attached

    Tie Wire:                     Fine wire that is twisted around the bracket to hold the arch wire in place